Catherine Ann Lombard, M.A.

One-Minute American

Dec 27, 2011

I turn West searching for familiar landscapes.
Open skies full of California sunshine.
Pacific waters stretching along long empty beaches.
Mountains covered in redwood forests.
Death Valley tinted sunsets.
Wide highways speeding towards deep horizons.


I find myself on narrow bike lanes.
Endless flat grasslands lined with hilly dykes.
Cows stare back promising me round wheels of Dutch cheese.
Clouds billow across a windy sky.
Icy winters fill with rain.
In spring, rainbows of tulips.

Bicycle wheels turn round and round.
Weaving my story between home and where I live.
Dreams soar though both countries.
Languages blend into one song.
My heart beats between them...

Tot ziens America.
Hello Holland.
Tot ziens America.
Hello Holland.