Catherine Ann Lombard, M.A.

The Hummingbirds

Mar 18, 2012

We went to watch the hummingbirds
swoop at dusk.
Crone, child and I.
Sky was falling all over us.
Soft confetti light.
Ruby-throated acrobats hovered and buzzed
while we tried to inch closer.
Statues that shadow shift.

Then the boy of twelve,
light mustached,
turned to grandmother and asked.
Can I do anything for you?
Do you need anything from me?
And broken woman, half-deaf, stared.
Stunned by the Love that had suddenly
swooped from the child—
like the tiny birds.

The Love that now hovered between us.
Stopping heart.
Speeding heartbeats.

Her eyes filled with soft raindrops
of nectar.
Her head imperceptibly shook.
No, I’m okay.

Mother’s mother.
Stared through held back tears
and whispered.
He’s so good.


Catherine Ann Lombard
Oceanside, California
©  January 15, 2012