Catherine Ann Lombard, M.A.

About Psychosynthesis


Psychosynthesis psychology was founded by Roberto Assagioli, M.D., a contemporary of Freud and Jung. The aim of psychosynthesis is to integrate all aspects of the human personality—thinking, emotions, body sensations, imagination, intuition—allowing you to fully express yourself and live life creatively. It also works with the will, helping you to learn how to choose freely and take action in the world.

In his seminal book The Act of Will, Assagioli states that our will power is the energy that drives our life forward. We can think of the will like the engine of a car (our life) and we are the ones driving the car. In order to move closer to our full potential, it’s vital that we understand this will energy (how to drive the car) and learn how to effectively use it in our lives.

Psychosynthesis techniques can bring you into relationship with your will—strong, skillful, good, and transpersonal. While we all have these aspects of will, usually one is more developed than the other. The idea is to make them equally balanced.  In this way, we can come more fully into relationship with ourselves and and others, and positively direct our lives.

For More Information

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You have the wings of longing,
You know the pull of hope,
You feel the  flowing of desire:
So why not soar?

Mechtilde of Magdeburg