Catherine Ann Lombard, M.A.


Catherine has more than fifteen years experience working in the computer industry as a technical writer and editor. Her international experience includes working for IBM Corporation and TIBCO in Silicon Valley, California; Canon Corporation in Tokyo; and Cedel Bank in Luxembourg.

Catherine is also a published writer of first personal essays, poetry, and news articles. Her work has appeared in the San Francisco ChronicleItaly Magazine, The Guardian Weekly, English Teaching Professional, Sky & Telescope Magazine, Ascent Magazine, the UT-Nieuws and numerous other publications.

She is available to write or edit in English:


"Catherine did a fantastic job with editing the articles for my PhD thesis. She always reviews the articles very quickly and I’m really happy with quality of her work. She is a friendly and flexible person to work with. I highly recommend her excellent service."

Pim Valentijn, Jan van Es Institute, The Netherlands

“Catherine is one of the best journalist I've had on board in four years. It is a great honor to work with her at the UT-Nieuws. She's on target, in touch with her readership, never misses a deadline and goes the extra mile to produce flawless copy with subject matter delving at the core of human experience. She's a sheer pleasure to work with and an asset to any company or individual interested in hiring her services, as a writer or a counselor.”

Robbin Engels, Business Owner and Former International Page Coordinator, UT-Nieuws

"Thank you again for your thorough and quick editing work! We really appreciate it and it was very helpful."

Hanneke Kip, MSc
Lecturer at the University of Twente

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Inter-religious Dialogue website

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Ascent Magazine

"Growing Wise with Age" and
"Learning to Surrender in my garden"
Soul's Code

"Giuseppa's Secret Ingredient"
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"African wildlife monitored and protected"